Made in Italy Puglia

Indomitable soul

Strong as olive roots, free like the wind that comes from the sea. THERA’s Sandals are a concert of elements with a clean cut.

Land of inspirations

Puglia. A place where different entities blend to give life to heterogeneous atmospheres, full of charm. Where the sea breeze creeps into the heart and the proud landscape captures you.
THERA’S was born from this passionate land, full of contrasts.

A concept that in its product combines the glamorous inclination of essential lines, with the fiery temperament of an unconventional nature.
The whole takes on a new flavor.
The contemporary mood emerges through the artisan tradition, with the aim of making the shoes reflect the multiple personalities who will wear them.

Indomitable soul

The ductility of the leather, under the guidance of expert hands, allows games, overlapping and eloquent stylistic seductions.

The selected materials are soft, while giving off strength.
The fit of each sandal, the result of careful research, is as welcoming as a hug.
The final result contains the essence of the most authentic, noble and ancient Handmade in Italy.

Robust simplicity.

Sartorial vision and laborious manual skills.
In the mastery of the gesture of our master shoemakers, creations are realized that give an immediate sensation of pleasure.
The wisdom of expert hands flows, conveying itself in the minutiae of the finishing touches.